Pastoral Letter 4 September

While Amos is away, each of the officeholders on Church Council will write a “Pastoral Letter” which will include a short summary of their portfolio and any other roles they have in our church. This week’s contribution is from Anne Murton.

My name is Anne Murton and I am Secretary of the Church Council.  This position entails checking for emails from Presbytery and Synod and passing them on to the relevant people or keeping them for discussion at the next Church Council meeting.  I type up the Minutes of these meetings and give the congregation a brief summary of the decisions made.

 I am also the Worship and Congregational Life Co-coordinator.  I am responsible for drawing up the rosters, organising special morning teas, changing the banners, coordinating help for funerals and the Multicultural Dinners.  I also help with the Bus Trip and Backyard Bonanza.

 I am President of the Ladies Fellowship who run three stalls a year and put on the Redcliffe City Choir Concert.  During the year we have three socials to which any of the men in the congregation are invited.  We also look after the kitchen.

 My role as an Elder is a fulfilling one caring for the spiritual and pastoral needs of those under my care and any others who need care at any time.  I also help the Minister with the Sacraments.