Pastoral Letter 11 September

While Amos is away, each of the officeholders on Church Council will write a “Pastoral Letter” which will include a short summary of their portfolio and any other roles they have in our church. This week’s contribution is from Rodney Sternberg.

As Treasurer of the Congregation, I have to ensure that the accounting is correct for all income and expenditure for the Congregation. To enable this to happen, I have listed some of the duties I must perform. They are:

  1. Weekly banking of any money received.
  2. Payment of all accounts when they are due for payment. This includes checking of the accounts to ensure they are regular accounts paid by the Congregation and the amounts are in line with previous accounts for this expenditure item.
  3. Seeking Church Council approval for any irregular and unusual payments.
  4. Maintaining a record of all Income and expenditure items.
  5. Preparation of reports for Church Council meetings.
  6. Discussing the reports at a Church Council meeting and answering any queries.
  7. Organizing the annual audit of the accounts.
  8. Preparation and submission of the Annual Financial Reports for Synod and Presbytery.
  9. Completion of Annual Insurance Survey Report.
  10. Preparation of annual budget for approval by Church Council.

This year, we have budgeted for a small deficit of just over $1,000.00.  At the end of August, our accounts show that we are running very close to budget and may even end up making a small surplus for the year.