Pastoral Letter 12 March

Welcome to our Church 40th Anniversary Service

Let us praise and thank God, as we celebrate the 40th anniversary of our Church.

Let us also thank God for calling us and guiding us as “people of God,” in our Journey.

Today, we remember with thanksgiving for all those who have served in this Church as Ministers, leaders and worshippers. Let us recommit ourselves to continue to be the servants and witness of the Lord.

Remember that our Church has taken a new dimension of growth as a ‘Multicultural Church’ and we pray that God may continue to inspire us in this vision, serving with the new pastor Paula.

Let us also remember our Mission is “to worship God and share Christ with the community so that all may come to faith in Jesus as Saviour, and grow as His disciples.” Pray that God may fill us with his Spirit to fulfil effectively the vision and mission of our Church.

 I give below some quotations for your reflection.

  • The Church of Christ is not an institution; it is a new life with Christ and in Christ, guided by the Holy Spirit. – Sergius Belgakov.
  • In the visible Church the true Christians are invisible. (German proverb)
  • A Church exists for the double purpose of gathering in and sending out.

Next Sunday Pastor John Grimshaw will bring us the message. I will take the Communion Service on 2 April.

Plan and participate in Jacana service on Thursday 16 March at 10 am.

Come and enjoy the early Lunch and Fellowship.

With love and prayers,