Pastoral Letter 15 January

Dr.G.D. James tells a humorous story about witnessing Christ.

A butcher who was converted in a great revival meeting, decided to share Christ, especially with his customers. He planned to talk to them about death and dying, because many people are afraid of death. Then, he would talk about the hope in Jesus and heaven.

One morning, his first customer was a little girl. At that time, the butcher happened to be sharpening his knife. With great enthusiasm, waving his knife in the air and asked: “Little girl, are you afraid to die? “The girl was so terrified and took to her heals. The butcher not knowing the reason, pursued her saying “stop, stop,” and still waving his knife. You can picture the scene.

He had the right attitude, but used the wrong approach.

There is lesson for us: we need to use the right method to communicate the gospel to others: without condemning nor compromising, but with the spirit of dialogue.

In the Scripture readings today, (John 1:29-42) John the Baptist shares his faith with two of his disciples, and one of them was Andrew. John directs them to Jesus saying “Jesus is the lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world;” and “Jesus is the Son of God.”

In return, Andrew shares his faith with his brother Peter and brings him to Jesus. On the day of Pentecost, Peter proclaims Jesus to thousands of people. Thus the Good news explodes like the dynamite.

But why are we reluctant to share our treasure with others?

Remember that there is great longing in the hearts of people. We have a gospel to proclaim. We are the body of Christ to proclaim Christ by word and deeds.

We need to share Christ to the broken world, without condemning other faiths nor compromising but with the spirit of dialogue. May the Holy Spirit help us to share Christ.