Pastoral Letter 16 October

While Amos has been away, you have read summaries of the work which has been done by the various leaders in your church – Church Councillors, Elders and Presbytery Representative. As a final contribution I would like to share my idea of the role as Chair of the Church Council and Chair of the Congregation along with ways we can communicate.

Much of my work as Chair is administrative and includes liaising with the Moreton Rivers Presbytery and chairing meetings. Although your Church Council has formal responsibilities listed in the Constitution and Regulations of the Uniting Church, our foremost priority is “to building up the Congregation in faith and love, sustaining members in hope, and leading the Congregation to a fuller participation in Christ’s mission in the world”. My role is to help make this happen by assisting any and all members of our church in their Christian endeavours.

We have been blessed with the passion and skill of Amos in leading us along a path of transformation to a multicultural church. I endeavour to coordinate our efforts in supporting this vision. Part of that effort is trying to match our aim with the minister who will follow Amos. Your Joint Nominating Committee will hold conversations with ministers shortly and, God willing, will recommend someone for the Congregation’s approval.

Please pray for God’s guidance in our work.

Another job I have is preparing the Cross Chat. If there is a message which you would like to share, please phone or email it to me at the address on the bottom of the back page of the Cross Chat.

Also, I look after the church’s website and Facebook page. Forgotten when you are next on roster or want to read Amos’ last Pastoral Letter? Check out the website. These are important ways in which we can communicate to the wider community so please post your message on our Facebook page (see the front of the Cross Chat). Embrace the electronic age :)