Pastoral Letter 18 September

While Amos is away, each of the officeholders on Church Council will write a “Pastoral Letter” which will include a short summary of their portfolio and any other roles they have in our church. This week’s contribution is from Diane Ensor.

I became an Elder of our Congregation about 3 years ago and took on Community Support and Outreach.

Our congregation supports Chappy’s Breakfast at Bracken Ridge State High School, Lent programme, Mele’s Stamp Collection, McKay Patrol, Samaritan’s Purse, Food Bank at Christmas, Switch and Therapeutic Yoga and Christian Meditation.  While I report on all these activities to the Church Council and the Annual Congregational Meeting, there are people in our congregation and Rev. Amos who organize and lead a number of these programmes.

The Outreach I am most involved in is Samaritan Purse, Lent and the Food Bank.  While there is plenty of work involved to run the Samaritan Purse activities and collection of items for the Shoe Boxes etc., I enjoy the challenge to make it a successful, happy and meaningful outreach for our Congregation and a real blessing to the children and their families who receive these shoe boxes and also the opportunity to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ.

I am also involved in sharing “Word for All” on many Sundays, and hope that the children enjoy the story and gain some insight into the meaning behind the story.  As adults, I know it gives us much pleasure, and often puts a smile on our face to watch the children enjoying this special time together.

God bless you