Pastoral Letter 2 October

While Amos is away, each of the officeholders on Church Council will write a “Pastoral Letter” which will include a short summary of their portfolio and any other roles they have in our church. This week’s contribution is from Keith Ensor.

Keith Ensor (Property)

There are numerous “things” that have to be attended to with all properties and Buildings.  Everything from cutting grass to ensuring the electric lights come on when switched on.

Some of the “things” done to our church and grounds of late include:- Demolition and removal of our original storage shed and erection of a new shed – Fence repairs – Carpark cleaning and erection of bollards – Mower repairs and maintenance –  Weed and bindi spraying – Yellow safety marking on concrete surfaces where levels change – Safety advisory and directional signs – Replacing broken window glass – Repairing roof leaks – Painting of most external doors – Replacement of corroded down pipes – Toilet repairs – Church cleaning – Furniture repairs and more.

Future activities include – Full church carpet cleaning and a complete check of the total electrical system on the site.

Many of the “jobs” are carried out by contractors employed for specific tasks.  However many are also done by congregation members, relatives and friends of the church.  Without the efforts of members and volunteers many of the “jobs” would go undone and our church environment would be much the poorer.

As works are done, or major works proposed to be done, are identified, a report is presented to the Church Council, advising the state of affairs and requesting approval, if necessary, for proposed major works.

As items (works) requiring attention arise action towards rectifying them commences.