Pastoral Letter 26 February

Today we celebrate the festival of the Transfiguration of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our Lord Jesus before his passion, death and resurrection, had revealed his glory to his disciples. The glorious Lord can also transform our lives and others. We start the Lenten Season this week with the Ash Wednesday Service on 1 March at 7.00 pm, in our Church. Please join the service to prepare for this season and make a commitment to the Lord. The period of Lent (40 days) is a time, when we specially think of our life as journey to Calvary in the company of Jesus. As we do, we are transformed with his divine light and presence. In this lent season, we participate and share Christ’s sacrificial love for others, and so we distribute the Lenten Envelops to support our partner Churches in their efforts to promote evangelism, Church growth, economic development, witness and service. Pray and participate in this great mission to the world.  I seek you prayer and presence for the commissioning service of Bai as an elder, in the coming Sunday service. I also seek your prayer for the new Pastor Paula and his family. More details about his commencement of ministry will follow. Join us for a cup of tea and fellowship after the service.  Shalom!