Pastoral Letter 9 October

While Amos is away, each of the officeholders on Church Council will write a “Pastoral Letter” which will include a short summary of their portfolio and any other roles they have in our church. This week’s contribution is from Kath Sternberg.

Kath Sternberg (Presbytery Representative)

I am not a member of Church Council but have been asked to provide some information about a couple of the tasks I undertake.

Having decided to write about some less visible activities, the first that comes to mind is hall rental, which I have done for quite some years (since the Lord Family left us). The requirements of this job are:

.   Take phone enquiries;

.   Arrange to show prospective hirers over the premises;

.   Make sure that Licence Agreements are correctly completed and sent to Property and Finance for approval;

.   Involve Church Council and /or the minister in any contentious hirings;

.   Ensure new hirers have appropriate Public Liability insurance and continuing hirers provide new insurance details when the old one has expired;

.   Obtain a new Licence Agreement every 12 months from continuing hirers;

.   Ensure all hirers are familiar with, and abide by the rules of use set by Church Council;

.   Ensure payment from hirers is up to date and correctly receipted.

It would be good if someone other than me knew how to do this job. Please ask.

Another, much more agreeable,  responsibility I undertake, is to assist Amos and Valma to provide a meaningful and accessible worship service for the residents of the Acquired Brain Injury unit (Jacana) every three weeks. It has been my privilege and pleasure to do this for some years now with a few of our past ministers. The service is well received, with participation from those attending dependent upon individual ability. We sing favourite hymns and choruses, have a bible reading with a complementary story, and prayers (always including the Lord’s prayer) all within a fairly short time frame.  This can be quite a challenging activity but is extremely rewarding. Since Valma has been providing music for the service the tone and interest have lifted remarkably. The good thing about a team to do this is that if one or the other of us cannot come the others just pick up the slack (apart from piano playing!).

At the last service before Christmas a few people from the BR congregation come and Carols are sung with great joy and much gusto.

If you would like to involve yourself have a chat to one of us.